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Anterior cruciate ligament is one of the most important ligament for the biomechanics of the knee. Injury of the ACL is also the most seen injury of the knee. Surgery is mostly recommended in this injury. Rehabilitation takes an important part as much as surgery. A successful rehabilitation period effects directly performance of the sportive.

The course covers the followings topics:

  • Anatomy of the knee

  • How does injury occurs?

  • Clinical assessment of ACL tears

  • Injury history

  • Reaching diagnoses by imaging

  • Examination, diagnostic tests

  • Early management of ACL tears (PRICE)

  • Exercises in the early stage after ACL injury

  • Torn ACL – Should you have operation?

  • General Principles of ACL rehabilitation before surgery

  • Progressive rehabilitation while deciding on surgery

  • Do you have surgery? Types of the surgery?

  • Rehabilitation after surgery

Course Address : Medicine Park Sports Medicine Center Bucuresti

Course Language : ENGLISH

Date : 19-20 November 2016

Course Cost : 300 lei

Contact : 0799 76 74 76 &

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